Econ 121 – Money and Banking (1st Sem AY 2016-2017)

Professor: Dr. M. S. Gochoco-Bautista

Course Objective: To introduce students to the field of monetary economics and the economics of financial markets.

Main Textbook:

Mishkin, Frederic S. The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets, 10th  Edition 2013. [print only]

Supplementary Reference:

Mankiw, Gregory N. & L. M. Ball. Macroeconomics and the Financial System, 2010 [print only]

Shadow Financial Regulatory Committees of Asia, Australia-New Zealand, Europe, Japan, Latin America and the United States Joint Statement  link  [Open access]

Asian Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee link [Open access]

Financial stability : Minsky’s moment. Economist Jul 30th 2016.  link [Open access]