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Kindness in Difficult Times: The Dean Amado A. Castro Collection Turnover Ceremony

The UPSE Library has enjoyed the support of its students, faculty, staff, and alumni since its founding in 1978. The Library has received various donations throughout the years and this year was no exception despite it being a difficult one. 

Dr. Amado A. Castro: A Meticulous Economist, A Passionate Educator and Mentor, and A Loving Friend and Family Patriarch


Last July 09, 2021, the Library received valuable materials from the family of Dean Amado A. Castro, the founding dean of the UP School of Economics. To honor this act of kindness, the Library Committee, headed by Dr. Sarah Lynne Daway-Ducanes, prepared a meaningful ceremony to remember the late Dean and his legacy to his family, friends, colleagues and most importantly, his students — the future economists of the country.


Ms. KT Abaño (Left) and Dr. Aleli Kraft (Right) during the official turnover and acceptance of donated materials.


Ms. Myra Victoria Beltran and Ms. KT Abaño, representatives of the Castro family, facilitated the official turnover of the collections which consisted of highly-cited books and journals in the field of economic history. They were joined by Dr. Aleli Kraft, OIC of the UP School of Economics, who accepted the materials on behalf of the School. Together, the two parties participated in a ceremonial book stamping.


Some of the books which the Castro family donated to the UPSE Library.


The materials will be part of the UPSE Library’s Dean Amado A. Castro Collection. These will be reflected in Tuklas, the Library’s official database, so that users are aware of their availability and can access them for their studies and other research endeavors. Indeed, as Aesop once said, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


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