New Acquisitions List (Periodicals) – February 2018

American Economic Journal : Applied Economics

Volume 9, Number 4 October 2017


  • One Mandarin Benefits the Whole Clan: Hometown Favoritism in an Authoritarian Regime / Quoc-Anh Do, Kieu-Trang Nguyen, Anh N. Tran. pp. 1-29
  • The Use of Violence in Illegal Markets: Evidence from Mahogany Trade in the Brazilian Amazon /  Ariaster B. Chimeli,  Rodrigo R. Soares. pp. 30-57
  • There Will Be Killing: Collectivization and Death of Draft Animals /  Shuo Chen, Xiaohuan Lan. pp. 58-77
  • Universal Investment in Infants and Long-Run Health: Evidence from Denmark’s 1937 Home Visiting Program /  Jonas Hjort, Mikkel Sølvsten, Miriam Wüst. pp. 78-104
  • Human Capital Persistence and Development /  Rudi Rocha, Claudio Ferraz, Rodrigo R. Soares. pp. 105-136
  • Conflict and the Persistence of Ethnic Bias /  Moses Shayo, Asaf Zussman. pp. 137-165
  • Customary Norms, Inheritance, and Human Capital: Evidence from a Reform of the Matrilineal System in Ghana /  Eliana La Ferrara, Annamaria Milazzo. pp. 166-185
  • Do College Graduates Serving as Village Officials Help Rural China? /  Guojun He, Shaoda Wang. pp. 186-215
  • In a Small Moment: Class Size and Moral Hazard in the Italian Mezzogiorno /  Joshua D. Angrist, Erich Battistin, Daniela Vuri. pp. 216-249
  • Persuasion: A Case Study of Papal Influences on Fertility-Related Beliefs and Behavior /  Vittorio Bassi, Imran Rasul. pp. 250-302
  • The Impact of Maternal Literacy and Participation Programs: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in India / Rukmini Banerji, James Berry, Marc Shotland. pp. 303-337

 American Economic Journal : Macroeconomics

Volume 9, Number 4 – October 2017


  • Gender Gaps and the Rise of the Service Economy / L. Rachel Ngai, Barbara Petrongolo. pp. 1-44
  • Demand for Value Added and Value-Added Exchange Rates / Rudolfs Bems, Robert C. Johnson. pp. 45-90
  • Untitled Land, Occupational Choice, and Agricultural Productivity / Chaoran Chen. pp. pp. 91-121
  • Noisy News in Business Cycles / Mario Forni, Luca Gambetti, Marco Lippi, Luca Sala. pp. 122-152
  • Why Don’t Households Smooth Consumption? Evidence from a $25 Million Experiment / Jonathan A. Parker. pp. 153-183
  • Knowledge Capital and Aggregate Income Differences: Development Accounting for US States / Eric A. Hanushek, Jens Ruhose, Ludger Woessmann. pp. 184-224
  • The Substitution Elasticity, Factor Shares, and the Low-Frequency Panel Model / Robert S. Chirinko, Debdulal Mallick. pp. 225-253
  • How Important Are Sectoral Shocks? / Enghin Atalay. pp. 254-280

American Economic Review

Volume 107, Number 10 – October 2017


  • How Local Are Labor Markets? Evidence from a Spatial Job Search Model / Alan Manning, Barbara Petrongolo. pp. 2877-2907
  • Trade Liberalization and Regional Dynamics / Rafael Dix-Carneiro, Brian K. Kovak. pp. 2908-2946
  • Steering the Climate System: Using Inertia to Lower the Cost of Policy / Derek Lemoine, Ivan Rudik. pp. 2947-2957
  • Defensive Investments and the Demand for Air Quality: Evidence from the NOx Budget Program / Olivier Deschênes,
  • Michael Greenstone, Joseph S. Shapiro. pp. 2958-2989
  • Competing for Loyalty: The Dynamics of Rallying Support / Matias Iaryczower, Santiago Oliveros. pp. 2990-3005
  • Politician Family Networks and Electoral Outcomes: Evidence from the Philippines / Cesi Cruz, Julien Labonne, Pablo Querubín. pp. 3006-3037
  • Financial Intermediation, International Risk Sharing, and Reserve Currencies / Matteo Maggiori. pp. 3038-3071
  • New Evidence on the Aftermath of Financial Crises in Advanced Countries / Christina D. Romer, David H. Romer. pp. 3072-3118
  • The Costs of Sovereign Default: Evidence from Argentina / Benjamin Hébert. Jesse Schreger. pp. 3119-3145
  • Search at the Margin / José A. Carrasco, Lones Smith. pp. 3146-3181
  • The Growth Potential of Startups over the Business Cycle / Petr Sedláček, Vincent Sterk. pp. 3182-3210
  • Exporter Dynamics and Partial-Year Effects / Andrew B. Bernard, Esther Ann Boler, Renzo Massari… et al. pp. 3211-3228
  • The Cyclicality of Sales, Regular, and Effective Prices: Business Cycle and Policy Implications: Comment / Etienne Gagnon, David López-Salido, Jason Sockin. pp. 3229-3242
  • News Shocks and the Slope of the Term Structure of Interest Rates: Comment / Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia. pp. 3243-3249
  • News Shocks and the Slope of the Term Structure of Interest Rates: Reply / André Kurmann, Christopher Otrok. pp. 3250-3256


Econometrics Journal

Volume 20, Number 3 – 2017


  • Multiple fixed effects in binary response panel data models / Karyne B. Charbonneau. pp. S1-S13
  • My friend far, far away: a random field approach to exponential random graph models / Vincent Boucher, Ismael Mourifie. pp. S14-S46
  • Identification of peer effects through social networks using variance restrictions / Christiern D. Rose. pp. S47-S60
  • Sparse estimation of huge networks with a block-wise structure / Francesco Moscone, Elisa Tosetti, Veronica Vinciotti. pp. S61-S85
  • Estimation of social-influence-dependent peer pressure in a large network game / Zhongjian Lin, Haiqing Xu. pp. S86-S102
  • Peer effects in bedtime decisions among adolescents: a social network model with sampled data / Xiaodong Liu, Eleonora Patacchini, Edoardo Rainone. pp. S103-S125
  • Trading networks / Lada Adamic, Celso Brunetti, Jeffrey H. Harris… et al. pp. S126-S149.


Intereconomics : Review of European Economic Policy

Volume 52, Number 6 – November/December 2017


  • Hartz IV: The Solution to the Unemployment Problems in the Eurozone? / Peter Bofinger. pp. 353-363
  • Trump’s Trade Policy Agenda / Christoph Scherrer, Elizabeth Abernathy. pp. 364-369
  • Virtual Currencies, Distributed Ledgers and the Future of Financial Services / Volker Brühl. pp. 370-378

Journal of Southeast Asian Economies

Volume 34, Number 3, December 2017


  • The Malaysian Economy Towards 2020 and Beyond / Cassey Lee, Francis E Hutchinson. pp. 433-435
  • The Evolution of Development Planning in Malaysia / Cassey Lee, Lee Chew-Ging. pp. 436-461
  • Evolving Paradigms in Malaysia’s Regional Development Policy / Francis E. Hutchinson. pp. 462-487
  • Federalism without Decentralization: Power Consolidation in Malaysia / Kai Ostwald. pp. 488-506
  • Do State-Owned Enterprises Crowd Out Private Investment? Firm Level Evidence
    from Malaysia / Jayant Menon, Thiam Hee Ng. pp. 507-522
  • Energizing the Manufacturing Sector: Can Malaysia Move Forward? / V.G.R. Chandran, Evelyn S. Devadason. pp. 523-551
  • Labour Policies and Institutions in the Eleventh Malaysia Plan: Aiming High, Falling Short / Hwok-Aun Lee. pp. 552-70

Philippine Journal of Development

Volume 43, Number 1 2016


  • Employment Generation Potential of the Rice Value Chain: The Case of Mlang, North Cotabato in Mindanao / Carol Q. Balgos, Larry N. Digal. pp. 1-27
  • The Fertilizer Industry and Philippine Agriculture: Policies, Problems, and Priorities / Roehlano M. Briones / pp. 29-49
  • Can Cheap Oil Hurt Net Importers? Evidence from the Philippines / Arlan Z.I. Brucal, Michael R.M. Abrigo. pp.51-62
  • Philippine Telecommunications Laws and Regulation: A TPP Gap Analysis / Krystal T. Uy, Isabela Rosario G. Villamil. pp. 63-81

Review of Economics and Statistics

Volume 99, Number 5, December 2017


  • Box Office Buzz: Does Social Media Data Steal the Show from Model Uncertainty When Forecasting for Hollywood? / Steven Lehrer, Tian Xie. pp. 749-755
  • The Impact of Unemployment Insurance on Job Search: Evidence from Google Search Data / Scott R. Baker, Andrey Fradkin. pp. 756-768
  • Women Helping Women? Evidence from Private Sector Data on Workplace Hierarchies / Astrid Kunze, Amalia R. Miller. pp. 769-775
  • The Selection of High-Skilled Emigrants / Matthias Parey, Jens Ruhose, Fabian Waldinger and Nicolai Netz. pp. 776-792
  • Volatile Top Income Shares in Switzerland? Reassessing the Evolution between 1981 and 2010 / Reto Foellmi, Isabel Z. Martínez. pp.793-809
  • Do Judges Have Tastes for Discrimination? Evidence from Criminal Courts / Kyung H. Park. pp. 810-823
  • Breaking Bad: Mechanisms of Social Influence and the Path to Criminality in Juvenile Jails / Megan Stevenson. pp. 824-838
  • Electricity Cost and Firm Performance: Evidence from India / Ama Baafra Abeberese. pp. 839-852
    Consumer Bankruptcy and Financial Health / Will Dobbie, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Crystal S. Yang. pp. 853-869
  • Household Portfolio Choice and Retirement / Jawad M. Addoum. pp. 870-883
  • The Volatility of Long-Term Bond Returns: Persistent Interest Shocks and Time-Varying Risk Premiums / Daniela Osterrieder, Peter C. Schotman. pp. 884-895
  • A Portrait of Trade in Value-Added over Four Decades / Robert C. Johnson, Guillermo Noguera. pp. 896-911
  • Prediction Using Several Macroeconomic Models / Gianni Amisano, John Geweke. pp. 912-925
  • Subsidies and Structure: The Lasting Impact of the Hill-Burton Program on the Hospital Industry / Andrea Park Chung, Martin Gaynor, Seth Richards-Shubik. pp. 926-943
  • Econometrics of Ascending Auctions by Quantile Regression / Nathalie Gimenes. pp. 944-953


Review of World Economics

Volume 153 Number 4 – 2017


  • Introduction to the Symposium: Attracting and benefitting from Quality FDI / Laura Alfaro, Holger Görg, Adnan Seric. pp. 627-628
  • Correction to: Introduction to the Symposium: Attracting and benefitting from Quality FDI / aura Alfaro, Holger Görg, Adnan Seric. p. 629
  • Heterogeneous effects of bilateral investment treaties / Rod FalveyNeil Foster-McGregor. p.630-656
  • South–South FDI: is it really different? / Robert Gold, Holger Görg, Aoife Hanley, Adnan Seric. pp. 657-673
  • Global value chains participation and productivity gains for North African firms / Davide Del Prete, Giorgia Giovannetti, Enrico Marvasi. pp. 675-701
  • Microeconomic mechanisms behind export spillovers from FDI: evidence from Bulgaria / Andrea Ciani, Michele Imbruno. pp. 703-734
  • Technology transfer on a two-way street: R&D spillovers through intermediate input usage and supply / Christina Poetzsch. pp. 735-751
  • Penny wise and pound foolish? On the income from Germany’s foreign investments / Thomas A. Knetsch, Arne J. Nagengast. pp. 753-778
  • Shipment frequency of exporters and demand uncertainty / Gábor Békés, Lionel Fontagné, Balázs Muraközy, Vincent Vicard. pp. 779-807
  • Natural resource extraction, corruption, and expropriation / Ramin Dadasov, Carsten Hefeker, Oliver Lorz. pp. 809-832


The Developing Economies

Volume 55, Number 4, December 2017


  • Sectoral Estimates of Informality: A New Method and Application for the Turkish Economy / Ceyhun Elgin, Muhammed Burak Sezgin. pp. 261-289
  • Innovation and Firm-Level Productivity: Evidence from Bangladesh / Abdul Waheed. pp. 290-314