New Acquisitions List (Periodicals), March 2014

List No. 2014-03                                                                                                      March 2014


2012 Volume XIV Number 1


Measuring the Contribution to the Philippine Economy of Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) Services
Marriel M. Remulla and Grac   e M. Medina

pp. 1-16

Tenets of Effective Monetary Policy in the Philippines
Jasmin E. Dacio and Christopher John F. Cruz

pp. 17-30

An Assessment of the Transparency and Communication Practices in Monetary Policy of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Laura B. Fermo and Raquel A. Silva

pp. 31-48

Views from Washington: Reforms of the IMF’s Surveillance
Ernando S. De Leon

pp. 49-53


Volume 51 Number 4 December 2013


The Role of Agriculture on the Recent Brazilian Economic Growth: How Agriculture Competes for Resources
Humberto F.S. Spolador and Terry L. Roe
pp. 333-359
Household Saving in China: The Keynesian Hypothesis, Life-Cycle Hypothesis, and Precautionary Saving Theory
Shenglong Liu and Angang Hu
pp. 360-387
Does Aid for Roads Attract Foreign or Domestic Firms? Evidence from Cambodia
Kiyoyasu Tanaka and Kenmei Tsubota
pp. 388-401
The Politics of Poverty Reduction (by Paul Mosley with Blessing Chiripanhura, Jean Grugel, and Ben Thirkell-White)
Frances Stewart
pp. 402-405
Party Politics and Economic Reform in Africa’s Democracies (by M. Anne Pitcher)
Roger Southall
pp. 405-408
Brain Drain and Brain Gain: The Global Competition to Attract High-Skilled Migrants (edited by Tito Boeri, Herbert Brücker, Frédéric Docquier, and Hillel Rapoport)
Andrés Solimano
pp. 408-410
Health Systems in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (edited by Richard D. Smith and Kara Hanson)
Yoko Ibuka
pp. 411-413


Volume 18 Part 6 December 2013


Does development reduce fatalities from natural disasters? New evidence for floodsSusana Ferreira, Kirk Hamilton and Jeffrey R. Vincent pp. 649-679
A differential game of international pollution control with evolving environmental costsNahid Masoudi and Georges Zaccour pp. 680-700
The informational and signaling impacts of labels: experimental evidence from India on GM foodsSangeeta Bansal, Sujoy Chakravarty and Bharat Ramaswami pp. 701-722
Monitoring, firms’ compliance and imposition of fines: evidence from the Federal Industrial Inspection Program in Mexico CityNinel Escobar and Carlos Chávez pp. 723-748
On information dissemination as an informal environmental regulationAditi Jamalpuria pp. 749-772
Should the trade of hazardous waste be uniformly regulated? An empirical analysis of export demand for ‘waste and scrap’Daisuke Ichinose, Keisaku Higashida, Takayoshi Shinkuma and Michikazu Kojima pp. 773-793


Vol. 54 No. 2 December 2013


Option-Implied Risk Aversion Anomalies: Evidence from Japanese Market
Takkabutr Nattapol

pp. 137-157

Income Inequality in Urban China and the Role of State Sector
Lee Jongchul

pp. 159-176
Agglomeration, Tax, and Local Public Goods
Wang An-Ming and Zeng Dao-Zhi
pp. 177-201
Effects of International Diffusion of a General Purpose Technology on Wage Inequality
   Afonso Oscar and Bandeira Ana Maria 
pp. 203-220

Competitive Equilibrium with an Atomless Measure Space of Agents and Infinite Dimensional Commodity Spaces without Convex and Complete Preferences
   Lee Sangjik

pp. 221-230
Estimation and Inference in Predictive Regressions
   Kurozumi Eiji and Aono Kohei
pp. 231-250
Capitalist Regulation and Rescaling of Public Transport Governance: A Case of Nigeria
   Mizuoka Fujio and Shimono Kohei
pp. 251-277


Volume 48 Number 6 November/December 2013


Can the Eurozone Survive and Be Prosperous?
Philip Arestis and Malcolm Sawyer
pp. 326-327
Economic Inequality and Its Impact on Intergenerational Mobility
Maurizio Franzini and Michele Raitano
pp. 328-334
The Great Recession, Austerity and Inequality: Evidence from IrelandTim Callan, Brian Nolan, Claire Keane, Michael Savage and John R. Walsh pp. 335-338
Wage Inequality in Germany and the Bumpy Road to a Minimum WageGerhard Bosch


pp. 339-343
Earnings Inequality in SpainStéphane Bonhomme and Laura Hospido


pp. 344-349
Why Direct Income Redistribution Matters if We Are Really
Concerned with Reducing PovertyIve Marx


pp. 350-357
The Near-Death Experience of the Celtic TigerManfred Gärtner, Björn Griesbach and Giulia Mennillo pp. 358-365
A Resurgence of US Manufacturing – Evidence and Wishful ThinkingBerend Diekmann pp. 366-370
Cost of Regulation and Impact of EU Membership on Policy EnforcementPhedon Nicolaides pp. 371-378
Rising Inequality, Recession and Slow Recovery: A Sad American TaleBarry Z. Cynamon and Steven M. Fazzari pp. 379-380


Volume 13 Number 2 May-August 2013


International Relations Theory and East Asian History: An Overview
David C. Kang

pp. 181-206

Explaining the Tribute System: Power, Confucianism, and War in Medieval East Asia
Yuan-kang Wang

pp. 207-232

Comforting Fictions: The Tribute System, the Westphalian Order, and Sino-Korean Relations
Kirk W. Larsen

pp. 233-258

Distinguishing Between China and Vietnam: Three Relational Equilibriums in Sino-Vietnamese Relations
James A. Anderson

pp. 259-280

Changing Definitions of Sovereignty in Nineteenth-Century East Asia: Japan and Korea Between China and the West
Seo-Hyun Park

pp. 281-308

Diplomatic Ritual as a Power Resource: The Politics of Asymmetry in Early Modern Chinese-Korean Relations
Ji-Young Lee

pp. 309-336

Organizing Japanese and Jurchens in Tribute Systems in Early Chosŏn Korea
Kenneth R. Robinson

pp. 337-360

Book Reviews

pp. 361-376


Volume 13 Number 3 September-December 2013


Guerrilla Capitalism: Revolutionary Legacy, Political Cleavage, and the Preservation of the Private Economy in Zhejiang
Qi Zhang, Mingxing Liu and Victor Shih

pp. 379-408

Alternative Paths to Party Polarization: External Impacts of Intraparty Organization in Japan
Hironori Sasada, Naofumi Fujimura and Satoshi Machidori

pp. 409-442

Trade Versus Security: How Countries Balance Technology Transfers with China
Tai Ming Cheung and Bates Gill

pp. 443-456

Beyond the Arms Embargo: EU Transfers of Defense and Dual-Use Technologies to China
Oliver Bräuner

pp. 457-482

Japan’s High-Technology Trade with China and Its Export Control
Tomoo Marukawa

pp. 483-502

Between Beijing and Washington: Israel’s Technology Transfers to China
Yoram Evron

pp. 503-528

Book Reviews

pp. 529-542






Volume 149 Number 4 2013


Domestic multinationals, foreign affiliates, and labour demand elasticitiesOlivier N. Godart, Holger Görg and David Greenaway


pp. 611-630
Offshoring and the skill structure of labour demand   Neil Foster-McGregor, Robert Stehrer and Gaaitzen J. de Vries


pp. 631-662
How do firms combine different internationalisation modes? A multivariate probit approachPinuccia Calia and Maria Rosaria Ferrante


pp. 663-696
Innovation, international R&D spillovers and the sectoral heterogeneity of knowledge flowsFranco Malerba, Maria Luisa Mancusi and Fabio Montobbio


pp. 697-722
Foreign aid and domestic output in the long runDierk Herzer and Oliver Morrissey


pp. 723-748
Equipping immigrants: migration flows and capital movements in small open economiesDouglas Gollin and Fabian Lange


pp. 749-778
Cointegration tests of purchasing power parityFrederick H. Wallace


pp. 779-802