New Acquisitions List (Periodicals) – November 2017

American Economic Review

Volume 107, Number 5 – 2017


Papers and Proceedings of the One Hundred Twenty-Ninth Annual of the American Economic Association.

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American Economic Review


  • Narrative Economics / Robert J. Shiller. pp. 967-1004
  • Banks as Secret Keepers / Tri Vi Dang, et. al. pp. 1005-1029
  • Escaping the Great Recession / Francesco Bianchi and Leonardo Melosi. pp. 1030-1058
  • The Social Cost of Near-Rational Investment / Tarek A. Hassan and Thomas M. Mertens. pp. 1059-1103
  • The Macrodynamics of Sorting between Workers and Firms / Jeremy Lise and Jean-Marc Robin. pp. 1104-1035
  • Financing Innovation: Evidence from R&D Grants / Sabrina T. Howell. pp. 1136-1164
  • Reducing Crime and Violence: Experimental Evidence from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Liberia / Christopher Blattman, Julian C. Jamison, and Margaret Sheridan. pp. 1165-1206
  • Does the Gender Composition of Scientific Committees Matter? / Manuel Bagues, Mauro Sylos-Labini, and Natalia Zinovyeva. pp. 1207-1238
  • A Comprehensive Approach to Revealed Preference Theory / Hiroki Nishimura, Efe A. Ok, and John K.-H. Quah. pp. 1239-1263
  • Correlation Misperception in Choice / Andrew Ellis and Michele Piccione. pp. 1264-1292

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

Volume 31 Number 2 – Spring 2017


  • Racial Discrimination in the Sharing Economy: Evidence from a Field Experiment / Benjamin Edelman, Michael Luca, and Dan Svirsky. 1-22.
  • Sanitation and Education / Anjali Adukia. pp. 23-59.
  • Expertise versus Bias in Evaluation: Evidence from the NIH / Danielle Li. pp. 60-92
  • Signing Up New Fathers: Do Paternity Establishment Initiatives Increase Marriage, Parental Investment, and
  • Child Well- Being? / Maya Rossin-Slater. pp. 93-130.
  • Vocational Training for Disadvantaged Youth in Colombia: A Long-Term Follow-Up / Orazio Attanasio, et al. pp. 131 + 143.
  • Dodging the Taxman: Firm Misreporting and Limits to Tax Enforcement / Paul Carrillo, Dina Pomeranz, and Monica Singhal 144-64
  • Saving Soviet Science: The Impact of Grants When Government R&D Funding Disappears / Ina Ganguli. pp. 165-201.
  • The Distortionary Effects of Incentives in Government: Evidence from China’s “Death Ceiling” Program” / Raymond Fisman and Yongxiang Wang. pp. 202-218
  • Wealth Heterogeneity and the Income Elasticity of Migration / Samuel Bazzi. pp. 219-255.
  • The Local Political Economy Effects of School Construction in Indonesia / Monica Martinez-Bravo. pp. 256-286

American Economic Journal:Journal of Economic Perspectives

Volume 36 Number 8 – August 2017


  • The State of Applied Econometrics: Causality and Policy Evaluation / Susan Athey and Guido W. Imbens. pp. 3-32
  • The Use of Structural Models in Econometrics / Hamish Low and Costas Meghir. pp. 33-58
  • Twenty Years of Time Series Econometrics in Ten Pictures / James H. Stock and Mark W. Watson. pp. 59-86
  • Machine Learning: An Applied Econometric Approach / Sendhil Mullainathan and Jann Spiess. pp. 87-106
  • Identification and Asymptotic Approximations: Three Examples of Progress in Econometric Theory / James L. Powell. p.107-124
  • Undergraduate Econometrics Instruction: Through Our Classes, Darkly / Joshua D. Angrist and Jörn-Steffen Pischke. pp. 125-144
  • Underestimating the Real Growth of GDP, Personal Income, and Productivity / Martin Feldstein. pp. 145-164
  • Challenges to Mismeasurement Explanations for the US Productivity Slowdown / Chad Syverson. pp. 165-186
  • How Government Statistics Adjust for Potential Biases from Quality Change and New Goods in an
  • Age of Digital Technologies: A View from the Trenches / Erica L. Groshen, et al. pp. 187-210
  • Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election / Hunt Allcott and Matthew Gentzkow. pp. 211-236
  • Yuliy Sannikov: Winner of the 2016 Clark Medal / Susan Athey and Andrzej Skrzypacz. pp. 237-256
  • Recommendations for Further Reading / Timothy Taylor. pp. 257-264

American Economic Journal : Economic Policy

Volume 9, Number 3 – August 2017


  • Police Officer on the Frontline or a Soldier? The Effect of Police Militarization on Crime / Vincenzo Bove and Evelina Gavrilova. pp. 1-18
  • Profit with Purpose? A Theory of Social Enterprise / Timothy Besley and Maitreesh Ghatak. pp. 19-58
  • Tenure in Office and Public Procurement / Decio Coviello and Stefano Gagliarducci. pp. 59-107
  • Inferring Carbon Abatement Costs in Electricity Markets: A Revealed Preference Approach Using the Shale Revolution / Joseph A. Cullen and Erin T. Mansur. pp. 106-133
  • Mafia in the Ballot Box / Giuseppe De Feo and Giacomo Davide De Luca. pp. 134-167
  • The Fiscal Cost of Hurricanes: Disaster Aid versus Social Insurance / Tatyana Deryugina. pp. 168-198
  • Household Finance after a Natural Disaster: The Case of Hurricane Katrina / Justin Gallagher and Daniel Hartley. pp. 199-228
  • The Effect of Disability Insurance Payments on Beneficiaries’ Earnings / Alexander Gelber,
  • Timothy J. Moore, and Alexander Strand. pp.229-261
  • Dishonesty and Selection into Public Service: Evidence from India / Rema Hanna and Shing-Yi Wang. pp. 262-290
  • Peacekeeping Force: Effects of Providing Tactical Equipment to Local Law Enforcement / Matthew C. Harris, et al.pp. 291-313
  • High Frequency Evidence on the Demand for Gasoline  / Laurence Levin, Matthew S. Lewis, and Frank A. Wolak. pp. 314-347
  • How Much Can Expanding Access to Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives Reduce Teen Birth Rates? / Jason M. Lindo and Analisa Packham. pp. 348-376
  • Affirmative Action Exemptions and Capacity Constrained Firms / Justin Marion.pp. 377-407
  • The Effects of State Medicaid Expansions for Working-Age Adults on Senior Medicare Beneficiaries / Melissa McInerney, Jennifer M. Mellor, and Lindsay M. Sabik.pp. 408-438


American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

Volume 9, No. 2, April 2017


  • Job Ladders and Earnings of Displaced Workers / Pawel Krolikowski. pp. 1-31
  • Bank Leverage Cycles  / Galo Nuño and Carlos Thomas. pp. 32-72
  • The Great Housing Boom of China / Kaiji Chen and Yi Wen. pp. 73-114
  • The Effects of the Real Oil Price on Regional Wage Dispersion / Matthias Kehrig and Nicolas L. Ziebarth. pp. 115-148
  • Moving to a Job: The Role of Home Equity, Debt, and Access to Credit  / Yuliya Demyanyk, et al. pp. 149-181
  • Safe Assets, Liquidity, and Monetary Policy / Pierpaolo Benigno and Salvatore Nisticò. pp. 182-227
  • Credit Relationships and Business Bankruptcy during the Great Depression / Mary Eschelbach
  • Hansen and Nicolas L. Ziebarth. pp. 228-255
  • Nominal Exchange Rate Determinacy under the Threat of Currency Counterfeiting / Pedro Gomis-Porqueras, Timothy Kam, and Christopher Waller. pp. 256-273


American Economic Journal : Microeconomics

Volume 9 Number 3 –  August 2017


  • Efficient Procurement Auctions with Increasing Returns / Oleg Baranov, Christina Aperjis, Lawrence M. Ausubel, and Thayer Morrill. pp. 1-27
  • Wheat or Strawberries? Intermediated Trade with Limited Contracting / Kala Krishna and Yelena Sheveleva. pp. 28-62
  • The Double Diamond Paradox / Daniel Garcia, Jun Honda, and Maarten Janssen. pp. 63-99
  • Bend Them but Don’t Break Them: Passionate Workers, Skeptical Managers,and Decision Making in Organizations / Omar A. Nayeem 100-125
  • Choice and Matching / Christopher P. Chambers and M. Bumin Yenmez . pp. 126-147
  • More Haste, Less Speed? Signaling through Investment Timing / Catherine Bobtcheff and Raphaël Levy. pp. 148-186
  • Public Goods in Endogenous Networks / Markus Kinateder and Luca Paolo Merlino. pp. 187-212
  • Collective Self-Control / Alessandro Lizzeri and Leeat Yariv. pp. 213-244
  • Simultaneous Search and Efficiency of Entry and Search Intensity / Pieter A. Gautier and Christian L. Holzner. pp. 245-282


Journal of East Asian Studies

Volume 55 Number 3 – September 2017


  • Media Exposure and Regime Support Under Competitive Authoritarianism: Evidence from South Korea / Joan E. Cho, Jae Seung Lee, and B.K. Song. pp. 145-166
  • Cadre Rotation and Campaign Mobilization in China’s Anticorruption Enforcement / Qingjie Zeng. pp. 167-190
  • Who Wants to Leave China? / Haifeng Huang. pp. 191-214
  • Electoral Formula and Fragmentation in Hong Kong / John M. Carey. pp. 215-232
  • Taiwan Citizens’ Views of China: What Are the Effects of Cross-Strait Contacts? / T.Y. Wang and Su-feng Chang. pp. 233-244



Volume 85 Number 4 – July 2017


  • An Econometric Model of Network Formation With Degree Heterogeneity / Bryan S. Graham. pp. 1033-1064
  • The Evolution of Culture and Institutions: Evidence From the Kuba Kingdom. pp. 1065-1092
  • Networks in Conflict: Theory and Evidence Fromthe GreatWar of Africa / Michael D. König et al. pp. 1093-1132
  • Statistical Properties of Microstructure Noise / Jean Jacod, Yingying Li, And Xinghua Zheng. pp.1133-1174
  • A Theory of Intergenerational Altruism / Simone Galperti And Bruno Strulovici. pp.1175-1218
  • The Identification of Beliefs From Asset Demand. / Felix Kübler And Herakles Polemarchakis. pp.1219-1238
  • Partial Ambiguity / Soo Hong Chew, Bin Miao, And Songfa Zhong. pp.1239-1328

The Econometrics Journal

Volume 20 Number 2 – 2017


  • Semi-linear mode regression / Jerome M. Krief. pp. 149–167
  • Indirect inference in spatial autoregression / Maria Kyriacou, Peter C. B. Phillips and Francesca Rossi. pp. 168–189
  • A sequential test for the specification of predictive densities / Juan Lin and Ximing Wu. pp. 190–220
  • Least-squares estimation of GARCH(1,1) models with heavy-tailed errors / Arie Preminger and Giuseppe Storti. pp. 221–258

The Economic Journal

Volume 127 NNumber 603 – August 2017


  • Monopolistic Competition when Income Matters / Paolo Bertoletti and Federico Etro. pp. 1217–1243
  • The Cycle of Earnings Inequality: Evidence from Spanish Social Security Data / Stéphane Bonhomme and Laura Hospido. pp. 1244–1278
  • Growth and Human Capital: A Network Approach / Tiago V. V. Cavalcanti and Chryssi Giannitsarou. pp. 1279–1317
  • Aspiring for Change: A Theory of Middle Class Activism / Heng Chen and Wing Suen. pp. 1318–1347
  • The Long-term Effects of Early Track Choice / Christian Dustmann, Patrick A. Puhani and Uta Schönberg. pp. 1348–1380
  • Warm-glow Giving and Freedom to be Selfish / Özgür Evren and Stefania Minardi. pp. 1381–1409
  • Temporary Disability and Economic Incentives / Elisabeth Fevang, Inés Hardoy and Knut Røed. pp. 1410–1432
  • Discrimination in the Labour Market: The Curse of Competition between Workers / Thomas de Haan, Theo Offerman and Randolph Sloof. pp. 1433–1466
  • History, Path Dependence and Development: Evidence from Colonial Railways, Settlers and Cities in Kenya / Remi Jedwab, Edward Kerby and Alexander Moradi. pp. 1467–1494)
  • The Benefits of Risky Science / Michael Mandler. pp. 1495–1526
  • A Theory of Protest Voting / David P. Myatt. pp. 1527–1567
  • Chronicle of a War Foretold: The Macroeconomic Effects of Anticipated Defence Spending Shocks / Nadav Ben Zeev and Evi Pappa. pp. 1568–1597
  • Health Cost Risk: A Potential Solution to the Annuity Puzzle / Kim Peijnenburg, Theo Nijman and Bas J.M. Werker. pp. 1598–1625
  • Sunk Costs of R&D, Trade and Productivity: The Moulds Industry Case / Carlos Daniel Santos. pp. 1626–1664
  • Children Do Not Behave Like Adults: Gender Gaps In Performance And Risk Taking In A Random Social
  • Context In The High-Stakes Game Shows Jeopardy and Junior Jeopardy / Jenny Säve-Söderbergh and
  • Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist. pp. 1665–1692
  • Wage Formation: Towards Isolating Search and Bargaining Effects from the Marginal Product / Jeanne Tschopp. pp. 1693–1729

Health Economics

Volume 26 NNumber 10 – October 2017


  • Doctor competence and the demand for healthcare: Evidence from rural China / E. Fe, T. Powell-Jackson and W. Yip. pp. 1177-1209
  • Calorie labeling in chain restaurants and body weight: Evidence from New York / B. J. Restrepo. pp. 1191
    Long‐term effects of managed care / L. Kauer. pp. 1210-1223
  • A stated preference approach to assess whether health status impacts on marginal utility of consumption / D. Gyrd-Hansen. pp. 1224-1233
  • Heterogeneous effects of a nonlinear price schedule for outpatient care / H. Farbmacher. pp. 1234-1248
  • Behind‐the‐counter, but over‐the‐border? The assessment of the geographical spillover effects of emergency contraception on abortions / I. Cintina. pp. 1249-1263
  • The long‐term health effects of fetal malnutrition: Evidence from the 1959–1961 China great leap forward famine / S. Kim, B. Fleisher and J. Y. Sun. pp. 1264-1277
  • Does competition have an effect on price and quality in physiotherapy? / P. Pekola, I. Linnosmaa and H. Mikkola. pp. 1278-1290
  • High school physical education requirements and youth body weight : New evidence from the YRBS / J. J. Sabia, T. T. Nguyen and O. Rosenberg. pp. 1291-1308
  • Financial incentives, targeting, and utilization of child health services : Experimental evidence from Zambia / G. Fink and P. C. Rockers. 1307-1321

Health Policy and Planning

Volume 32 Number 6 – July 2017


  • Evaluating the effects of organizational and educational interventions on adherence to clinical practice guidelines in a low-resource primary-care setting in Kenya / Joseph R Egger, et al. pp. 761–768
  • Barriers and facilitators for institutional delivery among poor Mesoamerican women: a cross-sectional study / Bernardo Hernandez, pp. 769–780
  • Expenditure tracking and review of reproductive maternal, newborn and child health policy in Pakistan / Muhammad Ashar Malik. pp. 781–790
  • Analysis of dropout across the continuum of maternal health care in Tanzania: findings from a cross-sectional household survey / Diwakar Mohan, et al. pp. 791–799
  • Impact of high-intensity polio eradication activities on children’s routine immunization status in Northern India / Marco J Haenssgen. pp. 800–808
  • Rural retention of new medical graduates from the Collaborative Project to Increase Production of Rural Doctors (CPIRD): a 12-year retrospective study / Win Techakehakij and Rajin Arora.  pp. 809–815,
  • Understanding public perception of the need for major change in Latin American healthcare systems / Ricardo Pérez-Cuevas, et al. pp. 816–824
  • A qualitative study of the determinants of HIV guidelines implementation in two south-eastern districts of Tanzania / Mary N Mwangome, et al. pp. 825–834
  • Banning shisha smoking in public places in Iran: an advocacy coalition framework perspective on policy process and change / Akram Khayatzadeh-Mahani, pp. 835–846
  • From favours to entitlements: community voice and action and health service quality in Zambia / Marta Schaaf, Stephanie M. Topp, Moses Ngulube. pp. 847–859
  • Performance-based financing: the same is different / Dimitri Renmans, et al. pp. 860–868
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis and mortality impact estimation of scaling-up pregnancy test kits in Madagascar,
  • Ethiopia and Malawi / Robert J. Kolesar, Martine Audibert, Alison B. Comfort. pp. 869–881
  • Distrusting community health workers with confidential health information: a convergent mixed-methods study in Swaziland / Pascal Geldsetzer, et al. pp. 882–889.

Quantitative Economics

Volume 153 Number 3 – August 2017


  • The endogenous grid method for discrete-continuous dynamic choice models with (or without) taste shocks / Fedor Iskhakov, et al.pp. 317-366
  • Tolerating defiance? Local average treatment effects withoutmonotonicity / Clément de Chaisemartin. pp. 367-396
  • Estimating price sensitivity of economic agents using discontinuity in nonlinear contracts / Patrick Bajari, Han Hong, Minjung Park, and Robert Town. pp. 397-434
  • Precautionary saving and aggregate demand / Edouard Challe, et al. pp. 435-478
  • Unbiased instrumental variables estimation under known first-stage sign / Isaiah Andrews and Timothy B. Armstrong. pp. 479-504
  • Identification and estimation of a biddingmodel for electronic auctions / Brent R. Hickman, Timothy P. Hubbard, and Harry J. Paarsch. pp. 505-552
  • Identifying idiosyncratic career taste and skill with income risk / Daniel Barth, Stephen H. Shore, and Shane T. Jensen. pp. 553-588
  • Counterfactual mapping and individual treatment effects in nonseparable models with binary endogeneity / Quang Vuong and Haiqing Xu. pp. 589-610
  • Solving the Diamond–Mortensen–Pissaridesmodel accurately / Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau and Lu Zhang. pp. 611-650
  • Discretizing nonlinear, non-Gaussian Markov processes with exact conditional moments / Leland E. Farmer and Alexis Akira Toda. pp. 651-683


The Review of Economics and Statistics

Volume 99 NNumber 3 – July 2017


  • In Aid We Trust: Hearts and Minds and the Pakistan Earthquake of 2005 / Tahir Andrabi, and Jishnu Das. pp. 371–386
  • The Effect of Education on Civic and Political Engagement in Nonconsolidated Democracies: Evidence from Nigeria / Horacio Larreguy, and John Marshall. pp. 387–401
  • Culture, Institutions, and the Wealth of Nations / Yuriy Gorodnichenko, and Gerard Roland. pp. 402–416
  • Roads and Innovation / Ajay Agrawal, Alberto Galasso, and Alexander Oettl. pp. 417–434
  • Roads, Railroads, and Decentralization of Chinese Cities
    Nathaniel Baum-Snow, et al. pp. 435–448
  • Are University Admissions Academically Fair? / Debopam Bhattacharya, Shin Kanaya, and Margaret Stevens. pp. 449–464
  • Estimation in the Fixed-Effects Ordered Logit Model / Chris Muris. pp. 465–477
  • Two-Way Models for Gravity / Koen Jochmans. pp. 478–485
  • Empirical Bayes Methods for Dynamic Factor Models / S. J. Koopman, and G. Mesters. pp. 486–498
  • Green Expectations: Current Effects of Anticipated Carbon Pricing / Derek Lemoine. pp. 499–513
  • News and Financial Intermediation in Aggregate Fluctuations / Christoph Görtz, and John D. Tsoukalas. pp. 514–530
  • Split Decisions: Household Finance When a Policy Discontinuity Allocates Overseas Work / Michael A. Clemens, and Erwin R. Tiongson. pp. 531–543
  • The Effectiveness of R&D Tax Credits / Russell Thomson. pp. 544–549
  • Is the Time Allocated to Review Patent Applications Inducing Examiners to Grant Invalid Patents? Evidence from Microlevel Application Data / Michael D. Frakes, and Melissa F. Wasserman. pp. 550–563