New Acquisitions List (Periodicals), September 2014



Volume 6 No. 3 August 2014


The Effects of Regulation in the Presence of Multiple Unpriced Externalities: Evidence from the Transportation Sector
Antonio Bento, Daniel Kaffine, Kevin Roth and Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins


pp. 1-29




Is Gifted Education a Bright Idea? Assessing the Impact of Gifted and Talented Programs on Students
Sa A. Bui, Steven G. Craig and Scott A. Imberman
pp. 30-62




Friends in High Places
Lauren Cohen and Christopher J. Malloy
pp. 63-91



Recessions, Older Workers, and Longevity: How Long Are Recessions Good for Your Health?

Courtney C. Coile, Phillip B. Levine and Robin McKnight

pp. 92-119




Early Retirement Incentives and Student Achievement
Maria D. Fitzpatrick and Michael F. Lovenheim
pp. 120-154



Taxation of Couples under Assortative Mating
Alexander Frankel
pp. 155-177



Corporate Incentives and Nuclear Safety
Catherine Hausman
pp. 178-206



Under Pressure: Job Security, Resource Allocation, and Productivity in Schools under No Child Left Behind
Randall Reback, Jonah Rockoff and Heather L. Schwartz
pp. 207-241



The Incentive Effects of Marginal Tax Rates: Evidence from the Interwar Era
Christina D. Romer and David H. Romer
pp. 242-281




Does Abolishing User Fees Lead to Improved Health Status? Evidence from Post-apartheid South Africa
Shinsuke Tanaka



pp. 282-312


Inside the Refrigerator: Immigration Enforcement and Chilling Effects in Medicaid Participation
Tara Watson
pp. 313-338



Journal of the Econometric Society
Vol. 82, No. 4 July 2014



A Model of the Consumption Response to Fiscal Stimulus Payments
Greg Kaplan and Giovanni L. Violante
pp. 1199–1239


How Responsive Is Investment in Schooling to Changes in Redistributive Policies and in Returns?
Ran Abramitzky and Victor Lavy
 pp. 1241–1272
Understanding Mechanisms Underlying Peer Effects: Evidence From a Field Experiment on Financial Decisions
Leonardo Bursztyn, Florian Ederer, Bruno Ferman and Noam Yuchtman
pp. 1273–1301
Firms, Destinations, and Aggregate Fluctuations
Julian di Giovanni, Andrei A. Levchenko and Isabelle Mejean

pp. 1303–1340
Land Use Regulation and Welfare
Matthew A. Turner, Andrew Haughwout and Wilbert van der Klaauw
pp. 1341–1403
No-Betting-Pareto Dominance
ItzhakGilboa, Larry Samuelson and David Schmeidler
pp. 1405–1442


Endogenous Liquidity and Defaultable Bonds
Zhiguo He and Konstantin Milbradt
pp. 1443–1508
Preemptive Policy Experimentation
Steven Callander and Patrick Hummel
pp. 1509–1528
Complex Questionnaires
Jacob Glazer and Ariel Rubinstein

  1. 1529–1541
Corrigendum to “Teachers, Schools, and Academic Achievement”
Steven G. Rivkin, Eric A. Hanushek and John F. Kain
 p. 1543
Forthcoming Papers  p. 1545
2013 Election of Fellows to the Econometric Society
  1. 1547–1554
Submission of Manuscripts to the Econometric Society Monograph Series p.1555




Volume 23 Number 9 September 2014



Editors’ Introduction (page 993)

Andrew Jones, Owen O’donnell, Anthony Scott and Michael Shields


Social Interactions and Malaria Preventive Behaviors in Sub-Saharan Africa

BénédicteApouey and Gabriel Picone


pp. 994–1012
Birth Weight and Academic Achievement in Childhood

PinkaChatterji, Dohyung Kim and KajalLahiri


pp. 1013–1035
The Welfare Impact Of Parallel Imports: A Structural Approach Applied To The German Market For Oral Anti-Diabetics

TomasoDuso, Annika Herr and Moritz Suppliet


pp. 1036–1057
The Effect Of Mental Health On Employment: Evidence From Australian Panel Data

Paul Frijters, David W. Johnston and Michael A. Shields


pp. 1058–1071
Threshold Effects In Nonlinear Models With An Application To The Social Capital-Retirement-Health Relationship

Brenda Gannon, David Harris and Mark Harris


pp. 1072–1083
Correction Of Misclassification Error In Disability Rates

Amanda Gosling and Eirini-Christina Saloniki


pp. 1084–1097
Estimating Health State Utility Values From Discrete Choice Experiments—A Qaly Space Model Approach

YuanyuanGu, Richard Norman and Rosalie Viney


pp. 1098–1114
What Explains The Quality And Price Of Gp Services? An Investigation Using Linked Survey And Administrative Data

MeliyanniJohar, Glenn Jones and Elizabeth Savage


pp. 1115–1133
Difference In Differences For Stayers With A Time-Varying Qualification: Health Expenditure Elasticity Of The Elderly

Myoung-Jae Lee and Young-Sook Kim


pp. 1134–1145
The Effect Of Noncognitive Traits On Health Behaviours In Adolescence

Silvia Mendolia and Ian Walker


pp. 1146–1158
The Effects Of Taxing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Across Different Income Groups

Anurag Sharma, Katharina Hauck, Bruce Hollingsworth and Luigi Siciliani

pp. 1159–1184







August 2014 Vol. 33 No. 8



The Winding Path To Effective Policy

Alan R. Weil


How Health Care’s Successes Became Distractions

Martin A. Makary


California Safety-Net Hospitals Likely To Be Penalized By ACA Value, Readmission, And Meaningful-Use Programs

Matlin Gilman, et al.


California Emergency Department Closures Are Associated With Increased Inpatient Mortality At Nearby Hospitals

Charles Liu, TanjaSrebotnjak, and Renee Y. Hsia


Rates Of Major Obstetrical Complications Vary Almost Fivefold Among US Hospitals

Laurent G. Glance, et al.


Medicaid Admissions And Readmissions: Understanding The Prevalence, Payment, And Most Common Diagnoses

Tara Trudnak, et al.


Bundled Payment Fails To Gain A Foothold In California: The Experience Of The IHA Bundled Payment Demonstration

M. Susan Ridgely, et al.


Children’s Health Insurance Program Premiums Adversely Affect Enrollment, Especially Among Lower-Income Children

Salam Abdus, et al.


ACA Dependent Coverage Provision Reduced High Out-Of-Pocket Health Care Spending For Young Adults

Susan H. Busch, Ezra Golberstein, and Ellen Meara


Trade-Offs Between Public And Private Coverage For Low-Income Children Have Implications For Future Policy Debates

Stacey McMorrow, et al.


Trends In The Black-White Life Expectancy Gap Among US States, 1990–2009

Sam Harper, Richard F. MacLehose, and Jay S. Kaufman


Geographic Clustering Of Diabetic Lower-Extremity Amputations In Low-Income Regions Of California

Carl D. Stevens, et al.




Price Transparency For MRIs Increased Use Of Less Costly Providers And Triggered Provider Competition

Sze-jung Wu, et al.


Health Spending Slowdown Is Mostly Due To Economic Factors, Not Structural Change In The Health Care Sector

David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite, and Christopher Ody


Spending On Mental And Substance Use Disorders Projected To Grow More Slowly Than All Health Spending Through 2020

Tami L. Mark, et al.


More People Than Ever Before Are Receiving Behavioral Health Care In The United States, But Gaps And Challenges Remain

David Mechanic


An ACA Provision Increased Treatment For Young Adults With Possible Mental Illnesses Relative To Comparison Group

Brendan Saloner andBenjamin Lê Cook


THE CARE SPAN: Medication Affordability Gains Following Medicare Part D Are Eroding Among Elderly With Multiple Chronic Conditions

HuseyinNaci, et al.


The Pennsylvania Project: Pharmacist Intervention Improved Medication Adherence And Reduced Health Care Costs

Janice L. Pringle, et al.


Era Of Faster FDA Drug Approval Has Also Seen Increased Black-Box Warnings And Market Withdrawals

Cassie Frank, et al.


For-Profit Medicare Home Health Agencies’ Costs Appear Higher And Quality Appears Lower Compared To Nonprofit Agencies

William Cabin, et al.


Most Exchange Plans Charge Lower Tobacco Surcharges Than Allowed, But Many Tobacco Users Lack Affordable Coverage

Cameron M. Kaplan, IlanaGraetz, and Teresa M. Waters


Registered Nurses Are Delaying Retirement, A Shift That Has Contributed To Recent Growth In The Nurse Workforce

David I. Auerbach, Peter I. Buerhaus, and Douglas O. Staiger


NARRATIVE MATTERS: A Fighting Chance: How Acute Care Training Is Failing Patients With Chronic Disease

Dena E. Rifkin


Foundations Inform Ongoing Debate About Medicare

Hope And Humility

Peter J. Pronovost


pp. 1310






pp. 1314-1322




pp. 1323-1329




pp. 1330-1336




pp. 1337-1344




pp. 1345-1352




pp. 1353-1360




pp. 1361-1366




pp. 1367-1374




pp. 1375-1382



pp. 1383-1390






pp. 1391-1398




pp. 1399-1406




pp. 1407-1415




pp. 1416-1424




pp. 1425-1434




pp. 1435-1443




pp. 1444-1452




pp. 1453-1459




pp. 1460-1465




pp. 1466-1473




pp. 1474-1480




pp. 1481-1484




pp. 1485-1486





Vol. 45 Nos. 2-3 March 2014


Introduction: New Perspectives from PhD Field Research
MarikaDjolai, Eric Kasper, Ricardo Santos, ShilpiSrivastava and Linda Waldman
pp. 1–6
Weighing Up the Risks: The Challenge of Studying ‘Risk’ in Empirical Research
Stephen Whitfield
pp. 7–17


Performing Peace-building – Conferences, Rituals and the Role of Ethnographic Research
Tobias Denskus
pp. 18–28


The Power of Wellbeing Discourses among Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People in Mexico
Juan Jaime Loera-Gonzalez
pp. 29–42
Why Participation Matters: Communal Drinking Water Management in Bolivia and Ecuador
Maria Teresa Armijos and Anna Maria Walnycki

pp. 43–55
The Necessity of Engaging with Politics: Lessons from the Grass Roots in South India
Sunita Abraham
pp. 56–69
State-Dominated Civil Society and Migrant Children’s Education in Beijing
Myra Pong
pp. 70–82
The Disjuncture between Gendered Legislation and the Practice of Urban Planning: A Case Study of the Swaziland Urban Development Project
Hloniphile Y. Simelane
pp. 83–94


The Japanese Economic Review

The Journal of the Japanese Economic Association
Vol. 65 No. 1 March 2014


The Effectiveness of Nontraditional Monetary Policy: The Case of Japan

Yuzo Honda


pp. 1–23



2013 Japanese Economic Association-Nakahara Prize

Akihiko Matsui


  1. 24


Modified Quasi-Likelihood Ratio Test for Regime Switching

Hiroyuki Kasahara, TatsuyoshiOkimoto and Katsumi Shimotsu


pp.  25–41



On Persistent Demand Shortages: A Behavioural Approach

Yoshiyasu Ono and Junichiro Ishida



pp. 42–69



International Economic Interdependence and Exchange-rate Adjustment under Persistent Stagnation

Yoshiyasu Ono


pp. 70–92



Global Sourcing in Industry Equilibrium

Tomohiro Ara


pp. 93–115



Interlinkage and Generous Tit-for-Tat Strategy

Hitoshi Matsushima


 pp. 116–121



Unemployment Benefits and Entrepreneurship

Hamid Beladi and SaibalKar


 pp. 122–128



Dynamic Analysis of an Endogenous Growth Model with Investment-specific Technological Change

Kizuku Takao

pp.  129–136





Volume28 No. 3 Summer 2014



The Role of Entrepreneurship in US Job Creation and Economic Dynamism

Ryan Decker, John Haltiwanger, Ron Jarmin and Javier Miranda


pp. 3-24
Entrepreneurship as Experimentation

William R. Kerr, Ramana Nanda and Matthew Rhodes-Kropf


pp. 25-48
Seeking the Roots of Entrepreneurship: Insights from Behavioral Economics

Thomas Åstebro, HolgerHerz, Ramana Nanda and Roberto A. Weber


pp. 49-69
The Lewis Model: A 60-Year Retrospective

Douglas Gollin


pp. 71-88
The Missing “Missing Middle”

Chang-Tai Hsieh and Benjamin A. Olken


pp. 89-108
 Informality and Development

Rafael La Porta and Andrei Shleifer


pp. 109-126
Do Poverty Traps Exist? Assessing the Evidence

AartKraay and David McKenzie


pp. 127-148
Page Limits on Economics Articles: Evidence from Two Journals

David Card and Stefano DellaVigna


pp. 149-167
What Policies Increase Prosocial Behavior? An Experiment with Referees at the “Journal of Public Economics”

Raj Chetty, Emmanuel Saez and LászlóSándor


pp. 169-188
The Effects of an Anti-Grade-Inflation Policy at Wellesley College

Kristin F. Butcher, Patrick J. McEwan and AkilaWeerapana


pp. 189-204
The Research Productivity of New PhDs in Economics: The Surprisingly High Non-Success of the Successful

John P. Conley and Ali SinaÖnder


pp. 205-215
The Economics of Fair Trade

RalucaDragusanu, Daniele Giovannucci and Nathan Nunn


pp. 217-236
Evaluating Counterterrorism Spending

John Mueller and Mark G. Stewart


pp. 237-247
Recommendations for Further Reading

Timothy Taylor


pp. 249-256


Quantitative Economics

Journal of the Econometric Society

Vol. 5, No.2-July, 2014



Estimating Ambiguity Aversion in a Portfolio Choice Experiment

David Ahn, Syngjoo Choi, Douglas Gale, ShacharKariv


pp. 195-223
Maternal Health and the Baby Boom

StefaniaAlbanesi, Claudia Olivetti


pp. 225-269
Control Functions in Nonseparable Simultaneous Equations Models

Richard Blundell, Rosa L. Matzkin


pp. 271-295
Inefficient Continuation Decisions, Job Creation Costs, and the Cost of Business Cycles

Wouter J. Den Haan, PetrSedlacek


pp. 297-349
Gender Differences and Dynamics in Competition: The Role of Luck

David Gill, Victoria Prowse


pp. 351-376
Size-Dependent Regulations, Firm Size Distribution, and Reallocation

François Gourio, Nicolas Roys



pp. 377-416
Corporate Control and Executive Selection

Francesco Lippi, FabianoSchivardi


pp. 417-456
Inference in Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models with Possible Weak Identification



pp. 457-494



Volume 96 Number 1 March 2014


Liar’s Loan? Effects of Origination Channel and Information Falsification on Mortgage Delinquency

Jiang, Wei; Nelson, AshlynAiko; Vytlacil, Edward


pp. 1–18
Are Household Surveys Like Tax Forms? Evidence from Income Underreporting of the Self-Employed

Hurst, Erik; Li, Geng; Pugsley, Benjamin


pp. 19–33
Estimation of Random-Coefficient Demand Models: Two Empiricists’ Perspective

Knittel, Christopher R; Metaxoglou, Konstantinos


pp. 34–59
Has ICT Polarized Skill Demand? Evidence from Eleven Countries over Twenty-Five Years

Michaels, Guy; Natraj, Ashwini; Van Reenen, John



pp. 60–77
Self-Selection and International Migration: New Evidence from Mexico

Kaestner, Robert; Malamud, Ofer


pp. 78–91
Monopsony in the Low-Wage Labor Market? Evidence from Minimum Nurse Staffing Regulations

Matsudaira, Jordan D


pp. 92–102
The Effects of World War II on Economic and Health Outcomes across Europe

Kesternich, Iris; Siflinger, Bettina; Smith, James P; Winter, Joachim K


pp. 103–118
Statistical Discrimination or Prejudice? A Large Sample Field Experiment

Ewens, Michael; Tomlin, Bryan; Wang, Liang Choon


pp. 119–134
Employment Protection Legislation, Multinational Firms, and Innovation

Griffith, Rachel; Macartney, Gareth


pp. 135–150
Information Sharing and Stock Market Participation: Evidence from Extended Families

Li, Geng


pp. 151–160
Is the Effect of Competition on Price Dispersion Nonmonotonic? Evidence from the U.S. Airline Industry

Dai, Mian; Liu, Qihong; Serfes, Konstantinos


pp. 161–170
Knowledge Spillovers from Research Universities: Evidence from Endowment Value Shocks

Kantor, Shawn; Whalley, Alexander


pp. 171–188
The Effect of Health Insurance on Emergency Department Visits: Evidence from an Age-Based Eligibility Threshold

Anderson, Michael L; Dobkin, Carlos; Gross, Tal


pp. 189–195


Volume 96 Number May 2014


Revealed Preferences in a Heterogeneous Population

Stefan Hoderlein and JörgStoye


pp. 197-213
Entry Threats and Pricing in the Generic Drug Industry

Steven Tenn and Brett W. Wendling


pp. 214-228
The Development Impact of a Best Practice Seasonal Worker Policy

John Gibson and David McKenzie


pp. 229-243
Investing in Schooling In Chile: The Role of Information about Financial Aid for Higher Education

TarynDinkelman and Claudia Martínez A.


pp. 244-257
Did the 2007 Legal Arizona Workers Act Reduce the State’s Unauthorized Immigrant Population?

Sarah Bohn, Magnus Lofstrom, and Steven Raphael


pp. 258-269
Printing and Protestants: An Empirical Test of the Role of Printing in the Reformation

Jared Rubin


pp. 270-286
Taxation and the Earnings of Husbands and Wives: Evidence from Sweden

Alexander M. Gelber


pp. 287-305
Market Equilibrium and the Environmental Effects of Tax Adjustments in China’s Automobile Industry

Junji Xiao and HengJu


pp. 306-317
In School and Out of Trouble? The Minimum Dropout Age and Juvenile Crime

D. Mark Anderson


pp. 318-331
Does Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Matter in China? Evidence from Financing and Investment Choices in the High-Tech Industry

James S. Ang, Yingmei Cheng, and Chaopeng Wu


pp. 332-348
Collusion Through Joint R&D: An Empirical Assessment

TomasoDuso, Lars-HendrikRöller, and Jo Seldeslachts


pp. 349-370
A Causal Interpretation of Extensive and Intensive Margin Effects in Generalized Tobit Models

Kevin E. Staub


pp. 371-375
A Conditional-Heteroskedasticity-Robust Confidence Interval for the Autoregressive Parameter

Donald W. K. Andrews and PatrikGuggenberger


pp. 376-381
ERRATUM: Is the Washington Consensus Dead? Growth, Openness, and the Great Liberalization, 1970s–2000s

AntoniEstevadeordal and Alan M. Taylor


pp. 382-382