You are currently viewing New Acquisitions (Periodicals) – August 2019

New Acquisitions (Periodicals) – August 2019

Health Affairs

Volume 38, Number 7 РJuly 2019


  • Physicians,Nurses,Disparities and More/ Alan R. Weil. pp. 1067-
  • To Improve Outcomes,Health Systems Invest in Affordable Housing/ David Tuller. pp. 1068-1072
  • Physicians Well – Being Linked to In- Basket Messages Generated by Algorithms in Electronic Health Records / Ming Tai-Seale,et. al. pp. 1073-1078
  • Accuracy of the Relative Value Scale Update Committees Time Estimates and Physician Fee Schedule for Joint Replacement/ John W. Urwin, pp. 1079-1086
  • In Hospitals with More Nurses Who Have Baccalaureate Degrees, Betterr Outcomes for Patients after Cardia Arrest/ Jordan M. Harrison, et. al. pp. 1087-1094
  • Daily Nursing Home Staffing Levels Highly Variable, Often Below CMS Expectations/ Fangli Geng, et. al. pp. 1095-1100
  • The Role of Social Risk Factors in Dialysis Facility Ratings and Penalties Under a Medicare Quality Incentive Program/ Andrew C. Qi. et. al. pp. 1101-1109
  • A Natural Examination of Long Term Care Setting Outcomes and Disparities Among Elderly Dual Eligibles/ Rebecca J. Gorges, pp. 1110-1118
  • Racial and Ethic Disparities in Care Following the New Yprk State Sepsis Initiative/ Keith Corl, et. al. pp. 1119-1126
  • Fewer Bonuses,More Penalties at Skilled Nursing Facilities Serving VUlnerable Populations/ Jennifer Gaudet Hefele, et. al. pp. 1127-1131
  • Growth of Public Coverage Among Working Families in the private Sector/ Douglas Strane, pp. 1132 -1152
  • Association of Stat Policies with Medicaid Disenrollment Among Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries/ Eric T. Roberts, et. al. pp. 1153-1172
  • Epdemiological and Health Systems Implications of Evolving HIV and Hypertension in South Africa and Kenya/ Brianna Osetinsky,et. al. pp. 1173-1181
  • The Impact of Price Regulation on the Availability of New Drugs in Germany/ Ariel D. Stern, et. al. pp. 1182-1187
  • Sending the Wrong price Signal: Why Do Some Brand-Name drugs Cost Medicare Beneficiaries Less than Generics/ Stacie B. Dusetzina, pp. 1188-1194
  • Air Ambulances with Sky -High Charges/ Ge Bai, et. al. pp. 1195-1200
    ACO Contracts with Downside Fianancial Risk Growing , But Still in the Minority/ Kristen A. Peck. pp. 1201-1206
  • Impact of Medicare Readmissions Penalties on Targeted Surgical Conditions/ Karan R. Chahabra, et. al. pp. 1207-1215
  • Nonopioid Overdose Death Rates Rose Almost as Fast as Those Involving Opioids, 1999-2016/ Christopher J. Ruhm. pp. 1216-1224
  • Dying to Access Methadone/ Jessica L. Gregg. pp. 1225-1227