New Acquisitions (Periodicals) – December 2018

Health Economics

Volume 27, Number 12 – December 2018


  • How Does Expansion of Public Health Insurance Affect Risk Pools and Premiums in the Market for Private Health Insurance?Evidence from Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act Market Places / Aditi P. Sen and Thomas DeLeire. pp. 1877-1903
  • School Starting Age and Long -Run Health in the United States / Grace Arnold and Briggs Depew. pp. 1904-1920
  • A Quantile Regression Approach to Panel Data Analysis of Health -Care Expenditure in Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development Countries / Fengping Tian et. al. pp. 1921-1944
  • Modeling Individual Health Care Expenditures in China: Evidence to Assist Payment Reform in Public Insurance / Julie Shi et. al. pp.1945-1962
  • The Effect of Organized Breast Cancer Screening On Mammography Use:Evidence from France / Thomas C. Buchmueller and Leontine Goldzahl. pp. 1963-1980
  • Inequality of Opportunity in Health : A Decomposition-Based Approach / Vincenzo Carrieri and Andrew M. Jones. pp. 1981-1995
  • Sources of Health Financing and Health Outcomes : A Panel Data Analysis / Tomoki Fujii. pp. 1996-2015
  • Who Pays for the Medical Costs of Obesity ? New Evidence from the Employer Mandate / Conor Lennon. pp. 2016-2029
  • Health Care Utilization at Retirement:the Role of the Opportunity Cost of Time / Claudio Lucifora and Daria Vigani. pp. 2030-2050
  • Affordable Care Encourages Healthy Living:Theory and Evidence from China’s New Cooperative Medical Scheme/ Ning Neil Yu and Xi Zhu. pp. 2051-2066
  • Does Retirement improve Health and Life Satisfaction?/ Aspen Gorry et. al. pp. 2067-2086
  • Going Beyond IncentivizingFormal Health providers: Evidence from the Rwanda Community Performance -Based Financing Program / Gil Shapira pp.2087-2106

Health Policy and Planning

Volume 33, Number 8 – October 2018


  • The Role of the Traditional Leader in Implementing Maternal Newborn and Child Health Policy Malawi / AislingWalsh pp. 879- 887
  • A Longitudinal Assessment of Technical Efficiency in the outpatient Production of Maternal Health Services in Mexico / Edson Servan-Mori et. al. pp. 888-897
  • Dual Practice of Public Hospital Physicians in Vietnam / Ngan Do and Young kyung Do. pp. 898-905
  • Equality in Financial Access to Healthcare in Cambodia from 2004 to 2014 / Adelio Fernandes Antunes pp. 906- 919
  • The Impact of an Health Monitoring System on Health Care Utilization by Mothers and Children: an Evaluation Using Routine Health Information in Rwanda / Hinda Ruton pp. 920 -927
  • Civil Society Participation in Global Public Private Partnership for Health / Katerna Tagmatarchi Storeng et. al. pp. 928-936
  • The Availability Price and Affordability of Anti-diabetic Drugs in Hubei province,China / Shiwei Gong et. al. pp. 937 – 947
  • The Impact of reducing and Eliminating User Fees on Facility -Based Delivery : a Controlled Interrupted Time Series in Burkina Faso / Hoa Thi Nguyen et. al. pp. 948-956
  • The Impact of ASEAN Economic Integration on Health Worker Mobility : A Scoping Review of the Literature / Vannarath Te et. al. pp. 957-965
  • Catastrophic Health Payments:Does the Equivalence Scale Matter ? ? Steven F. Koch. pp. 966-973