You are currently viewing New Acquisitions (Periodicals) – January 2020

New Acquisitions (Periodicals) – January 2020

Health Affairs

Volume 38,   Number 11 – November 2019


  • Household  Costs , Food  and More /Alan R. Weil. pp. 1779-
  • Age -Friendly Care  at the Emergency  Department /Michelle Cohen  Marill. pp. 1780-1785
  • Integrating  Pediatric Care  and Taking  on Risk  to  Improve  Health /Rebecca Gale. pp. 1786-1806
  • The  Effect  of the  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program on Mortality /Colleen M. Heflin, et. al. pp. 1807-1815
  • Evaluating a USDA Program  That Gives  SNAP  Participants  Financial Incentives to Buy Fresh Produce in Supermarkets /Pasuale E. Rummo, et. al. pp. 1816-1831
  • Noncommunicable  Diseases Attributable  to Tobacco Use in China: Macroeconomic Burden and Tobacco Control Policies /Simiao Chen, et. al. pp. 1832-1839
  • Did  Hospital  Readadmissions Fall Because  per Capita Admission Rates Fell? Michael McWilliams, et. al. pp. 1840-1849
  • Are  Patients Electronically Accessing  their  Medical records? Evidence from National Hospital Data /Sunny  C. Lin, et. al. pp. 1850-1857
  • Hospital -Acquired  Condition Reduction Program  is not  Associated with  Additional Patient Safety Improvement /Kyle  H. Shhetz, et. al. pp. 1858-1865
  • Frequent Emergency Department Users: Focusing Solely on Medical Utilization Misses the  Whole Person /Hernal K. Kanzaria, et. al. pp. 1866-1875
  • Potential Unintended Consequences of Recent  Shared  Decision Making  Policy  Initiatives /Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby, pp. 1876-1881
  • Little  Consistency in Evidence Cited  by Commercial  Plans for Specialty Drug Coverage /James D. Chambers, pp. 1882-1886
  • Biosimilar Filgrastim Uptake and Costs among Commercially  Insured Medicare Advantage /Pinar Karaca-Mandic, pp.1887-1892
  • As Insurers Exit Affordable  Care  Act  Marketplaces , So Do Consumers /Daniel  Crespin and Thomas DeLeire. pp. 1893-1901
  • California’s New  Gold  Rush : Marketplace Enrollees Switch to  Gold  -Tier  Plans in Response to  Insurance  Premium Changes /Petra  W. Rasmussen, et.a l. pp. 1902-1910
  • Medicaid  and Private  Insurance Coverage for Low- Income Asia  Americans Native  Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, 2010-16 /John J. Park. pp. 1911-1917
  • A Consumer-Centric Approach to Network  Adequacy:Access  to Four  Specialties  in California’s Marketplace /Simon F. Haeder, et. al. pp. 1918-1935
  • Cahnges in Physician Consolidation with  the Spread of Accountable  Care  Organizations /Genevieve P. Kanter, et. al. pp. 1936-1943
  • Measles , Mumps and Communion and Vision for  Vaccine Policy/Joshua T. B. Williams. pp. 1944-1947

Health Affairs


Volume 38,   Number 12 – December 2019


  • Rural Health /Alan R. Weil. pp. 1963-1965
  • Health Reform on the Campaign Trail /Katie Keith. pp. 1966-1967
  • Recovery Residences Combat Addiction in Rural Communities / Brian Rinker. pp. 1968-1970
  • Bringing Palliative Care to Underserved Rural Communities /Charlotte Huff. pp. 1971-1975
  • Structural Urbanism Contributes to Poorer Health Outcomes for Rural America /Janice Probst, pp. 1976-1984
  • What is Rural? Challlenges and Implications of Definitions that Inadequately Encompass Rural People and Places /Kevin J. Bennett, pp. 1985-1992
  • Lack of Access to Specialists Associatesd with Mortality and Preventable Hospitalizations of Rural Medicare Beneficiaries /Kenton J. Johnston, pp. 1993-2002
  • Higher US Rural Mortality Rates Linked to Socioeconomic status,Physician Shortages and Lack of Health Insurance /Gordon Gong, pp. 2003-2010
  • The Decline in Rural Medical Students : A Growing Gap in Geographic Diversity Threatens the Rural Physician Workforce /Scott A. Shipman, et. al. pp. 2011-2018
  • Rural Countries with Majority Black or Indigenous Populations Suffer the Highest Rates of Premature Death in the US /Carrie E. Henning-Smith, et. al. pp. 2019-2026
  • Health People 2020: Rural Areas Lag in Achieving Targets for Major Causes of Death / Sirin Yaemsiri, et. al. pp. 2027-2031
  • Rural-Urban Differences in Individual-Market Health Plan Affordability after Subsidy Payment Cuts /David Anderson, et. al. pp. 2032-2040
  • Effect of Population Size on Rural Health Insurance Premiums in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program /Abigail R. Barker. pp. 2041-2047
  • In Rural Areas ,Buprenorphine Waiver Adoption Since 2017 Driven by Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants / Michael L. Barnett, et. al. pp. 2048-2056
  • Rural Residents with Mental Health Needs Have Fewer Care visits than Urban Counterparts / James B. Kirby, pp. 2057-2060
  • Enhancing Staffing in Rural Community Health Centers can help Improve Behavioral Health Care /Xinxin Han and Leighton Ku. pp. 2061-2068
  • Declines in Pediatric Mortality Fall short for Rural US Children /Janice Probst, pp. 2069-2076
  • Rural-Urban Differences in Severe Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in the US,2007-15
  • When Rural Hospitals Close,the Physician Workforce Goes /Hayley Drew Germack, pp.2086-2094
  • Access Quality and Financial Performance of Rural Hospitals Following Health System Affiliation /Claire E. O’Hanlon, et. al. pp. 2095-2104
  • When People you Love are the Unintended Consequences of Opioid Policy /Mary Beth Foglia. pp. 2105-2108
  • Aging in America /Robyn I. Stone. pp. 2111-2112

Journal of Economic Literature

Volume 57,  Number 2  June 2019

  • Dynamic Mechanism Design: an Introduction/ Dirk  Bergemann and  Juuso Valimaki. pp. 235-274
  • What we  Have  Learned About Terrorism Since 9/11/ Khusrav Gaibulloev and Todd Sandler.  pp. 275-328
  • Price Theory /E. Glen Weyl.  pp. 329-384
  • Unhappiness and Pain in Modern America: a Review  Essay  and  Further  Evidence on Carol  Grahams Happiness for All /David  G. Blanchflower and Andrew J. Oswald. pp. 385-402
  • Review of Books on Student Loans /Christopher Avery. pp. 403-433

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