New Acquisitions (Periodicals) – March 2020

Health Affairs

Volume 39, Number 1 – January 2020


  • Patient Costs,Bundled Payment and more / Alan R. Weil. pp. 7-
  • National Health Care Spending in 2018: Growth Driven by Accelerations in Medicare and Private Insurance Spending /Micah Hartman,Anne, pp. 8-17
  • Out of Pocket Spending for Maternity Care Among Women with Employer-Based Insurance, 2008-15 /Michelle H. Moniz, et. al. pp. 18-23
  • Out-of- Network Billing and Negotiated Payments for Hospital-Based Physicians / Zack Cooper , et. al. pp. 24-32
  • The Effect of Veterans Health Administration Coverage on Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence /Adam Gaffney, et. al. pp. 33-40
  • Terminating Cost-Sharing Reduction Subsidy Payments: the Impact of Marketplace Zero -Dollar Premium Plans on Erollment / Coleman Drake and David M. Anderson. pp. 41-49
  • The Impact of Bundled Payment on Health Care Spending Utilization and Quality : a Systematic Review / Rajender Agarwal, et. al. pp. 50-57
  • Spending and Quality After Three Years of Medicare’s Voluntary Bundled Payment for Joint Replacement Surgery /Amol S. Navathe, et. al. pp. 58-66
  • Medicaid Expansion Slowed Rates of Health Decline for Low- Income Adults in Southern States / John A. Graves, et. al. pp. 67-76
  • Effects of Medicaid Expansion on Postpartum Coverage and Outpatient Utilization / Sarah H. Gordon,et. al. pp. 77-84
  • Among Low-Income Adults Enrolled in Medicaid , Churning Decreased After the Affordable Care Act /Anna L. Goldman and Benjamin D. Sommers. pp. 85-93
  • Differences Between Public and Private Hospital Payment Rates Narrowed, 2012-16 / Thomas M. Selden. pp. 94-99
  • The Impact of Decision Aids on Adults Considering Hip or Knee Surgery /Vanessa B. Hurley, et. al. pp. 100-107
  • Medical Professionalism in an Organizational Age: Challenges and Opportunities /David J. Rothman, et. al. pp. 108-114
  • Primary Care Physicians Role in Coordinating Medical and Health-Related Social Needs in Eleven Countries / Michelle M. Doty, et. al. pp. 115-123
  • The Effect of Home-Based Hypertension Screening on Blood Pressure Change Over Time in South Africa / Nikkil Sudharsanan, pp. 124-132
  • Medicare for all : an Analysis of Key Policy Issues / Micah Johnson, pp. 133-141
  • Challenges to Medicare for All Remain Daunting / Austin B. Frakt and Jonathan Oberlander. pp. 142-145
  • Trends in Opiod Prescribing and Self-Reported Pain Among US Adults /Mark Olfson,et. al. pp. 146-154
  • Philanthropic Strategy in the Face of an Opioid Epidemic /Jennifer Chubinski and Michelle Lydenberg. pp. 155-160
  • To Treat my Patient I had to Understand Her Trauma /Eve Rittenberg. pp. 161-164