We offer information services that will support the research, instruction, and extension needs of our users.

Circulation Service refers to the Library’s book lending service. Currently-enrolled UP students, faculty, and staff may borrow books from the UPSE Library.

Current Awareness Service (CAS) pertains to  regular updates about the Library’s resources, services, platforms, and spaces.  

Document Delivery Service (DDS) is the reproduction of individual parts or chapters of books, periodicals, and other materials, subject to existing copyright rules.

The UPSE Library offers ILL to  users who want to borrow books from partner libraries. If ILL cannot be used to borrow the needed material/s from a partner library, the librarian can provide a referral letter to the user so s/he can personally visit the partner library and photocopy the material/s needed. Email upselibrary.upd@up.edu.ph to avail.

Reference Service pertains to Ask-a-Librarian, library orientations and trainings, and publication of library brochures, guides, newsletters, and pathfinders. 

The Library’s Theses and Dissertations collection is available online. Please email upselibrary.upd@up.edu.ph to request access. For instructions on how to generate the list of theses and dissertations available at the UPSE Library, please click this link.