You are currently viewing New Acquisitions (Periodicals) – September 2019

New Acquisitions (Periodicals) – September 2019

Health Affairs

Volume 38, Number 8 – August 2019


  • Military Health Systems /Alan R. Weil. pp. 1243-1245
  • Back at Home a New Purpose for Battlefield Skills / T. R. Goldman. pp. 1246-1251
  • Finding Shelter and Support Along the Road to Better Health /Brian Rinker. pp. 1252-1256
  • ACA Heads Back to Supreme Court / Katie Keith. pp. 1257-1258
  • The US Military Health System: Promoting Readiness and Providing Health Care /Terri Tanielian and Carrie Farmer. pp. 1259-1267
  • A Military Health System For the Twenty-First Century /Terry Adirim. pp. 1268-1273
  • Readiness of Medical Providers The Military Health System:Overview of Operational and Policy Considerations /Paul Hutter, et. al. pp. 1274-1280
  • Veterans Health Administration Investments in Primary Care and Mental Health Integration Improved Care Access /Lucinda B. Leung, et. al. pp. 1281-1288
  • The Opioid Epidemic in Veterans Who Were Homeless or Unstably Housed /Amanda M. Midboe, et. al. pp. 1289-1297
  • Post- Deployment Screening in the Military Health System: An Opportunity to Intervene for Possible Alcohol Use Disorder /Rachel Sayko. et. al. pp. 1298-1306
  • No Racial Disparities in Surgical Care Quality Observed After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting in TriCARE Patients /Muhammad Ali, et. al. pp. 1307-1312
  • A Collaborative to Evaluate and Improve the Quality of Surgical Care Delivered by the Military Health System . Peter A. Learn, et. al. pp. 1313-1320
  • Prevalence of Unplanned Readmissions Among Patients of Military Treatment Facilities / Craig Holden, pp. 1321-1326
  • Ultilization Variation in Military Versus Civilian Care : Evidence from TriCARE / Amelia M. Bond and Stephen D. Schwab. pp. 1327-1334
  • Contribution of Care Source to Cancer Treatment Cost Variation in the US Military Health System /Yvonne L. Eaglehouse,et. al. pp. 1335-1342
  • Provider Acceptance and Beneficiary Access Under TriCARE ‘s PPO Health Plan /Yonatan Ben-Shalom, et. al. pp. 1343-1350
  • Assessing Low-Value Health Care Services in the Military Health System /Tracey Perez Koehlmoos, et. al. pp. 1351-1357
  • The Impact of MIlitary Parents Injuries on the Health and Well-Being of their Children /Elizabeth Hisle-Gorman, pp. 1358-1365
  • TriCARE for Children:Between Medicaid and Marketplace Plans for Comprehensiveness and Cost Sharing /Joseph S. Zickafoose, et. al. pp. 1366-1376
  • Families with TriCARE Report Lower Health Care Quality and Access Compared to Other Insured and Uninsured Families / Roopa Seshadri, et. al. pp. 1377-1385
  • Military Telehealth: A Model for Delivering Expertise to the Point of Need in Austere and Operational Environments /Jeremy C. Pamplin, et. al. pp. 1386-1392
  • Navy Medicine Introduces Value-Based Health Care /Alee Hernandez, et. al. pp. 1393-1399