New Reference Books – August 2018

Handbook Of Ecological Economics

Editors: Joan Martinez-Alier, Roldan Muradian.

Publisher: Edward Elgar

Year: 2015



This Handbook provides an overview of major current debates, trends and perspectives in ecological economics. It covers a wide range of issues, such as the foundations of ecological economics, deliberative methods, the de-growth movement, ecological macroeconomics, social metabolism, environmental governance, consumer studies, knowledge systems and new experimental approaches. Written by leading authors in their respective areas of specialisation, the contributions systematize the ‘state of the art’ in the selected topics, and draw insights about new knowledge frontiers… More…

Handbook of Research On Environmental Taxation

Editors: Janet E. Milne, Mikael Skou Andersen.

Publisher: Edward Elgar

Year: 2014



The Handbook of Research on Environmental Taxation captures the state of the art of research on environmental taxation. Written by 36 specialists in environmental taxation from 16 countries, it takes an interdisciplinary and international approach, focusing on issues that are universal to using taxation to achieve environmental goals…More… (more…)

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New General Circulation Books – August 2018

  An Introduction To Management Science : Quantitative Approaches To Decision Making

Authors: David R. Anderson [and 6 others]

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Year: 2016



AN INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT SCIENCE: QUANTITATIVE APPROACHES TO DECISION MAKING, 14E equips readers with a sound conceptual understanding of the role that management science plays in the decision-making process. The trusted market leader for more than two decades, the book uses a proven problem-scenario approach to introduce each quantitative technique within an applications setting. All data sets, applications, and screen visuals reflect the details of Excel 2013 to effectively prepare you to work with the latest spreadsheet tools. In addition, readers can get a copy of LINGO software and Excel add-ins with the book’s online content…More…

  China’s Economy What Everyone Needs To Know

Author: Arthur R. Kroeber.

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Year: 2016



In China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know, Arthur Kroeber offers an overview of the highlights of China’s development since economic reforms were initiated under Deng Xiaoping in 1979. He argues that manufacturing, agricultural change, and construction reoriented the economy in the 1980s and 1990s through state-owned enterprises, private entrepreneurship, and foreign investment. Those shifts unleashed perhaps the largest migration ever in world history from rural areas to urban centers, accompanied by a no less unprecedented expansion of infrastructure…More…

 Cities In Global Capitalism

Author: Ugo Rossi.

Publisher: Polity Press

Year: 2017



In what ways are cities central to the evolution of contemporary global capitalism? And in what ways is global capitalism forged by the urban experience? This book provides a response to these questions, exploring the multifaceted dimensions of the city-capitalism nexus.Drawing on a wide range of conceptual approaches, including political economy, neo-institutionalism and radical political theory, this insightful book examines the complex relationships between contemporary capitalist cities and key forces of our times, such as globalization and neoliberalism. Taking a truly global perspective, Ugo Rossi offers a comparative analysis of the ways in which urban economies and societies reflect and at the same time act as engines of global capitalism.Ultimately, this book shows how over the past three decades capitalism has shifted a gear – no longer merely incorporating key aspects of society into its system, but encompassing everything, including life itself – and illustrates how cities play a central role within this life-oriented construction of global capitalism…More…


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New Acquisitions (Periodicals) – August 2018

American Economic Review

Volume 108, Number 3 – March  2018


  • Just Starting Out:Learning and Equilibrium in a New Market / Ulrich Doraszelski, Gregory Lewis and Ariel Pakes. pp. 565-615
  • The Pupil Factory:Specialization and the Production of Human Capital in Schools / Roland G. Fryer, Jr. pp. 616- 656
  • Real Effects of Information Frictions: When the States and the Kingdom Became United / Claudia Steinwender. pp. 657-696
  • Monetary Policy According to Hank / Greg Kaplan, Benjamin Moli and Giovanni L. Violante. pp. 697-743
  • A Model of Trading in the Art Market / Stefano Lovo and Christophe Spaenjers. pp. 744-774
  • How does Household Income Affect Child Personality Traits and Behaviors ? / Randall Akee, et. al. pp. 775-827
  • Advertising and Risk Selection in Health Insurance Markets / Naoki Aizawa and You Suk Kim. pp. 828-867
  • Disentangling the Effects of a Banking Crisis: Evidence from German Firms and Countries / Kilian Huber. pp. 868-898

Journal of  Economic Literature

Volume 56, Number 1 – March 2018


  • The Science of Monetary Policy: an Imperfect Knowledge Perspective / Stefano Eusepi and Bruce Preston. pp. 3-59
  • On the Determinants of Cooperation in Infinity Repeated Games: a Survey / Pedro Dal Bo and Guillaume R. Frechette. pp. 60-114
  • Citations in Economics Measurement, Uses and Impacts / Daniel S. Hamermesh. pp. 115-156
  • Empirical Work on Auctions of Multiple Objects / Ali Hortacsu and David McAdams. pp. 157-184
  • Markets and Manipulation: Time for a Paradigm Shift? / Kaushik Basu. pp. 185-205
  • A Review Essay on HOward Bodenhorn’s the Color Factor: Well – Being in the Nineteenth-Century South / Allison Shertzer. pp. 206-233
  • A Review Essay on Social Neuroscience: Can Research on the Social Brain and Economics Inform Each Other? / Carlos Alos-Ferrer. pp. 234-264
  • The End Game:How Inequality Shapes Our Final Years / Corey M. Abramson. pp.265-270
  • New Directions in Productivity Measurement and Efficiency Analysis: Counting the Environment an Natural Resources / Tihomir Ancev, M. A. Samad Azad and Francesc Hernandez-Sancho. pp. 267-270
  • Places in Need:the Changing Geography of Poverty / Scott W. Allard. pp. 273-277
  • The Road Ahead of America’s Colleges and Universities / Robert B. Archibald and David H. Feldman. pp. 274-277
    Banking Final Exam:stress Testing and Banking Capital Reform / Morris Goldstein. pp. 271-273
  • Creditworthy: a History of Consumer Surveillance and Financial Identity in America / Josh Lauer. pp. 270-271


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New Acquisitions (Periodicals) – April 2018

American Economic Review

Volume 107, Number 11 – November 2017


  • Obviously Strategy-Proof Mechanisms / Shengwu Li. pp. 3257-3287
  • ‘Acting Wife’: Marriage Market Incentives and Labor Market Investments / Leonardo Bursztyn, Thomas Fujiwara, and Amanda Pallais. pp. 3288-3319
  • Decentralized Exchange / Semyon Malamud and Marzena Rostek. pp. 3320-3362
  • Discriminatory Information Disclosure / Hao Li and Xianwen Shi. pp. 3363-3385
  • The Consumption Effects of the 2007–2008 Financial Crisis: Evidence from Households in Denmark / Thais Lærkholm Jensen and Niels Johannesen. pp. 3386-3414
  • Housing Wealth and Consumption: Evidence from Geographically Linked Microdata / Aditya Aladangady. pp. 3415-3446
  • Gross Worker Flows over the Business Cycle / Per Krusell, Toshihiko Mukoyama, Richard Rogerson, and Aysegül Sahin. pp. 3447-3476
  • The Distributional Consequences of Large Devaluations / Javier Cravino and Andrei A. Levchenko. pp. 3477-3549
  • Do Expiring Budgets Lead to Wasteful Year-End Spending? Evidence from Federal Procurement / Jeffrey B.
  • Liebman et al. pp. 3550-3588
  • Gresham’s Law of Model Averaging / In-Koo Cho and Kenneth Kasa. pp. 3589-3616
  • Why Do People Give? Testing Pure and Impure Altruism / Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm, Lise Vesterlund, and Huan Xie. pp. 3617-3633

AEJ : Applied Economics

Volume 10, Number 1 – January2018


  • Hospitals as Insurers of Last Resort / Craig Garthwaite, Tal Gross, and Matthew J. Notowidigdo. pp. 1-39
  • The Price of Prejudice / Morten Størling Hedegaard and Jean-Robert Tyran. pp. 40-63
  • For Better or for Worse?: Education and the Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Turkey / Bilge Erten and Pinar Keskin. pp. 64-105
  • Demand for Alcohol Consumption in Russia and Its Implication for Mortality / Evgeny Yakovlev. pp. 106-149
    Social Media and Corruption / Ruben Enikolopov, Maria Petrova, and Konstantin Sonin. pp. 150-174
  • Free to Choose: Can School Choice Reduce Student Achievement? / Atila Abdulkadiro˘glu, Parag A. Pathak, and Christopher R. Walters. pp. 175-206
  • Together We Will: Experimental Evidence on Female Voting Behavior in Pakistan / Xavier Giné and Ghazala Mansuri. pp. 207-235
  • College Party Culture and Sexual Assault / Jason M. Lindo, Peter Siminski, and Isaac D. Swensen. pp. 236-265
  • The Impact of AIDS Treatment on Savings and Human Capital Investment in Malawi / Victoria Baranov and Hans-Peter Kohler. pp. 266-306
  • Do Low Levels of Blood Lead Reduce Children’s Future Test Scores? / Anna Aizer, Janet Currie, Peter Simon, and Patrick Vivier. pp. 307-341


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